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30 Oct
By Article by Kesha | 30 Oct | urban fashion, fashion style guide |

Ultimate Urban Fashion Style Guide

Fashion is diverse all around the world but the street fashion has its own different perks. It is comfortable yet ultra trendy, suitable for women of all ages. Urban fashion is easy to adopt and it undoubtedly makes you look cool. If you are looking for an easy, urban fashion style guide, then you have come to the right place. Here are six ways to perfect your urban fashion game effortlessly:


fashion style guide trendy t-shirts


1. Trendy T-shirts

The ‘cool kids’ are often dressed in a super aesthetic yet eye-catching t-shirt with cool patterns or prints. Graphic t-shirt is one of the kinds of t-shirt that will up your fashion level. They give off a very cool and laid-back vibe. They are the t-shirts that will make others think that you are the owner of a very funky and outgoing personality.


fashion style guide cool kid caps


2. Cool Kid Caps

Caps are the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about adding a cool accessory to your outfit. We can vouch for this because these kinds of caps have trendy designs and often refer to your favorite pop artists that you can rock at any casual event or outing. These caps are also practical since you can just throw them on when you want to add a casual statement to your plain outfit. Plus, they can help you conquer your bad hair day with style.


urban fashion style platform shoes


3. Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are the ultimate symbol of a street-smart outfit. They are extremely easy to wear and handle, especially when you are going around, having fun, as all the cool kids do. They add a plus point to your look. Other than that, they also provide the glamour and fashion of heeled shoes as well as a comfortable platform for your feet to rest on.


fashion style leggings & jeggings


4. Leggings & Jeggings

Leggings are known to add a cool touch to your outfits. The stretchy material makes it easy and comfortable to wear. It can be paired with many different pieces of clothing. They can be bought in many different colors and sizes, as well as many prints and designs that you can rock on any occasion.


urban style guide minimalist jewelry


5. Minimalistic Jewelry

The least amount of jewelry gives of the coolest vibe due to its simplicity. The small amount of jewelry can often help you make a statement and even helps you decide if you can make it your signature piece of jewelry. It also makes you look elegant yet cool. Adding a minimum amount of jewelry to your outfit can help you obtain a simpler and care-free yet fashionable vibe.


urban style guide pop of color


6. A Pop of Color

Adding a shade of color to your outfit, which is completely opposite to the usual color code of your dress, can make your look even more eye-catching and unique. So, add a vibrant colored accessory and make your outfit pop more than ever.


Step out in a funky pop of fashion with this easy urban fashion style guide by r8 Fashion. Look trendy, cool yet rebellious instantly by adopting the Urban Fashion and make a statement wherever you go.






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