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12 Oct
By Article by Kesha | 12 Oct | accessories, fashion, Fashion lazy |

Chic Costume Ideas

Halloween is right here and just let us confess, it is the most exciting time of the year as we get to dress up in the most experimental way and play with costume makeup. Every year people come up with scary and interesting Halloween costumes but sometimes, they can be a bit too extra. You don’t necessarily have to dress up like hamburgers, Dracula, or skeletons to attend a Halloween party. Here are five chic and trendy costume ideas, that you can sport to any Halloween party and steal the show.


chic costume ideas sugar skull


1. Beloved Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull has received immense love from so many people around the world celebrating Halloween. Each year it is one of the top Halloween costumes and this year is no exception. You don’t necessarily have to buy a skeleton bodysuit for this look as it looks good with any black outfit you own. Paint a sugar skull on your face and voila, you’re done.


chic costume social media


2. Social Media Influencer

2018 is all about social media influencers coming out and let’s be honest, a lot of social media influencers dress exactly the same. Urban Outfitters took advantage of the social media influencer popularity and launched their “Social Media Influencer Costume” for this Halloween and trust us when we say it is going to transform you into an influencer within seconds. You can also make that costume at home by slipping on a pair of grey yoga pants, neutral crop top, a hoodie, a baseball cap, and pumped up kicks.


chic costume 70's hippie


3. Fun 70s Hippie

When we think about the 70’s era, the word Hippie is what comes to our mind. Bring back the 70s with a bohemian wide legged trousers, a loose top with bell sleeves, and a feathered headband. It is fun, quirky, and eye catching at the same time. So, gather your friends and spread some hippie vibes.


chic costume angel castiel


4. The Angel Castiel

If you like to keep it simple but still want to do something Supernatural, then the angel Castiel is the best option for you. All you need is a brown trench coat and blue contact lenses to nail the look. It is simple, comfortable yet intimidating at the same time. If you are more of the minimalistic roleplay kind of person, they go for this look without a doubt.


chic costume coachella babe


5. Chic Coachella Babe

Who said the uber chic, trendy, and boho outfits are for concerts only. Be the Coachella babe this Halloween and impress the crown with your vibrant outfit and bronzy skin. Put on a boho bralette paired with fringed high-waisted shorts and vintage sunglasses. Slip into a pair of funky wedges and tribal accessories and you are ready to head out the door and make a statement.


These stylish Halloween costume ideas will make you stand out from the rest without overdoing it. While these costumes are not extremely scary or gory, they are definitely going to turn the limelight on you.






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