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12 Sept
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Urban Style

Urban Style- What it Is, Man?


It is the people in the urban community that make up urban style. Urban style is all about you; whatever you feel like- whatever gives you your swagger, man. In the city there are so many people, each with their own identity and their own way of life; with their own way of expressing themselves through their style. While fashion retailers influence what is available, it is the individuals and their unique way of bringing together the choices available, that create style. If you want to rock a pair of paisley skinny jeans and a plaid button down shirt, with some Chuck's- no one will say anything, because it's you and only you can create your identity.


Today, there are so many people searching for a way to create a unique look, that it's really hard to say exactly what urban style is. There are sub-cultures within the culture of the community. There are hip-hopper's, skaters, graffiti artists, business folk, homeless folk, preppy's, trend-setters, and straight up gansta's, to name a few of the sub-cultures. If you're trying to follow a particular style, then the best way is to figure out where you fit within the mix, see what they do and what they are wearing, and incorporate it into who you are- if that is who you are. As a side note, no one likes a fake... and when you live in the city, people are around people constantly- they grow adept to sniffing out fakes, and you'll get called out!


To kick into what is in style for the general urban community, for everyday life (I'll get to a nightlife article here soon- this will require some research on what is in style to look good at the club); short sleeve plaid button downs have been in style since the 70's,and going hard to this day! But if that's too dressed up, a T always works. Can't forget some baggy jeans with some room in the waist and just a little length to em'. There's a story behind every style, but to touch on the history of baggy jeans and where it comes from, back in the day hand-me-downs were a day of shopping (nothin' like getting my big cousins jeans). Economy was rough and to save money that's what mom's did- Big cousin outgrew his jeans = little cousin just got a pair of jeans that were too big, only if mom's new back then that they'd start a fashion trend. For real though, one of the most important parts of urban style is your kicks, if your kicks aren't clean, then it doesn't matter what your wearing- the whole outfit just went Ka-Swoosh and tanked.


Aight- I gotta get going, I'll refine and add more later.


Style'n - Style Out.


Another aspect to urban style is the music we listen to, sometimes the music makes us as much as we make the music. Rap is definitely a HUGE part of our culture and creates an urban identity all in itself. If you're looking for some rap beats to listen to, there are a lot of sites out there, but freeinstrumentals.org is a great site for finding free beats to download; they don't give you the run around, or make you register only to find out the beats really aren't for free- no gimmicks, just free instrumentals. They also have a page for beat making software that provides some reviews and promotes a few beat programs. The site admin has been making hip hop for about 10 years, so he seems like he has some credibility to what he is saying and isn't just throwing schwag out there. Definitely worth checking out.


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