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22 Apr
By maureen toribio | 22 Apr | urban decor, urban cottage style |

Urban Decor

What is Urban Cottage Decor and Urban Cottage Decorating

Author: maureen toribio

10 Signs you're into the Urban Cottage Style of Decorating

1. You absolutely despise going to the mall & prefer going to small, quaint shops {and online stores} for unique finds.

2. You think industrial looking lofts should have white wooden floors.

3. You're not into cookie-cutter houses & neighborhoods.

4. Your new space looks "lived-in."

5. You take every little "artifact" that goes into your home seriously. Your space always have something personal; pictures, a memento from a trip, a framed postcard, little things that mean so much!

6. You love muted wall colors like soft greys but your wall décor of choice is definitely in "bold" hues.

7.When it comes to putting stuff together, you believe in mixing & matching old & new stuff {and you think, is there really any other way?}.

8. Your Eames table is lovingly adorned by a Baroque vase.

9. Friends describe your home as being cozy & warm but also hip & cool.

10. Just like your fashion style, your decorating groove is all about accessorizing!

5 Ways to Know You Like Urban Cottage Decor

It's your space. It's your style. And it happens to have a name! Urban Cottage décor is about creating a relaxing atmosphere and about bringing nature into your home in a way that has both sophisticated and vintage appeal. Make the space open, inviting, and homey but with modern elegance. Still don't know if that's you? Here are some other ways to know if you're into cottage decorating.

  1. You like calm, soothing colors. Cottage decorating has a lovely color palette of soft tones to create a refreshing atmosphere. Depending on your theme, golds, yellows, green, and blues are some of the favorites.

  2. You've got a lot of family heirlooms. Vintage items are one of the main focuses of cottage decorating. It brings a timeless quality to the room and adds visual interest. They are usually used as statement pieces; things like mirrors, an unusual piece of painted furniture or a collection of old photos and postcards.

  3. You love flea markets! There's nothing like finding a great deal at a flea market. What looks like junk to some people can become a treasure to you, like an old frame or rustic sign.

  4. You love finding furniture. An eclectic mix of furniture can often make a room have more appeal because of the different shapes and textures. But you want to stick with clean lines and simple form and only add a few pieces that are more ornate.

  5. You like making it your own. They key to cottage decorating is showing and accenting your own personality. Whether it be in the comforter on the bed, that old chest filled with memories, or the decorations under the cloche jar specifically selected by you, you know how to use the smallest things to make the biggest impact.
About the Author

Hmmm... where do I start? I seriously long to be an interior designer and entertain my creative side. My dream job is to travel the world a la Samantha Brown & check out the world of design & decor all over (yup, why not? How come Andrew Z can sample all the different kinds of food all over?). I love both the charm of a french cottage & the fresh feel of an urban loft. I currently run an online decor shop, The Inglenook Decor. I have an amazing daughter & happily engaged to my bestfriend, they are my inspiration & my bliss!





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