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22 Sept

Women's Fashion

Every year we are greeted with new fashion trends that are set to be the biggest things yet and, if you follow the trends, you will undoubtedly always be on the lookout for the next big thing. Well, this year there will be a conglomeration of excellent trends that will suit everyone and they contain a mixture of well-known ones and kookier, more unusual ones..

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Its ok to...
15 Sept

It’s O’K to…

Of course we all want to be head-to-toe glammed up everyday of the week, but sometimes it’s just not that reasonable. I am the first to admit that there are mornings before school that I get extremely sluggish and throw on my college sweatshirt and leggings (tisc tisc!). Ya know the days you just don’t feel like getting ready, but then totally regret it when you go to school and...

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18 Sept

Fashion Trends

Okay ladies, my fashionista friends! Summer is still hot and heavy, but fall is following the shadows of the sun and we will quickly be hoping for warmth as the fall frost moves in. We've been frantically taking notes following fashion shows in hopes that you hear it here first for what's in store in the coming months of fashion. Prepare for a season of... If you want to go straight to shopping, visit our urban fashion shop for exclusive clothing and deals!

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Guest Blog
10 Jun

Shhh….I have a Chanel Secret!

IN The Know: A mere wardrobe staple, will soon turn into a one-week exhibit in Soho to celebrate Karl Lagerfelds upcoming photo-book “The Little Black Jacket; Chanel’s Classic Revisited.” The homage features 113 black and white photos of A- list celebrities who have adapted the Chanel stamped peice into their wardrobe. Lagerfeld states that, "Every designer dreams of inventing the Chanel jacket. It's up there with jeans or the T-shirt; it is gender-neutral. That is to say, it can be womenswear or menswear."

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fashion accessories
12 July

Fashion Accessories

I admit I never thought I'd see neon make a comeback, but not only did it find its way back onto the racks, neon orange seems to be THE color of choice- I guess if we're going to make a statement, let's be loud and, well really loud! Setting aside the neon's, which hasn't made its way to handbags (yet?) the other really popular colors this summer are...

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Guest Blog
10 Jul

Guest Blog for r8Fashion

After about 6 years of focusing on work, school, kids... I've finally returned my focus and attention on this site. I'm looking for bloggers that are interested in guest posting on this site. If you're interested (anything related to fashion, life, etc.) contact us at Guest Blog.

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Guest Blog
10 May

Women's Shoes 2018

With every new season, you can expect that women's shoe fashions will change. In part, this is due to functionality. While sandals are in style during the warmer months, for obvious reasons, boots are the way to go in the winter. However, it also seems that more than any other garment or piece of clothing, shoe fashion is the most volatile, with wild swings from one year to the next. 2018 is no different. If you want...

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