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22 Jul
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It's Ok To - Influence with Style

Of course we all want to be head-to-toe glammed up everyday of the week, but sometimes it’s just not that reasonable. I am the first to admit that there are mornings before school that I get extremely sluggish and throw on my college sweatshirt and leggings (tisc tisc!). Ya know the days you just don’t feel like getting ready, but then totally regret it when you go to school and feel like a bum! So IN order to stay fashionably lazy, my tip for you is that sometimes its O’K for your outfit take a backseat while your accessories do the talking. Think of your outfit as a base that you want to keep clean and simple; sort of like a blank canvas. By doing this, it allows you the ease of going crazy with accessories IN a short amount of time.!


It takes much less effort to style accessories with a simple sold color dress or basic tee and skinnies, than it is to come up with some amazing concoction of layered knits over tops, with the perfect belt, shoes, and mullet skirt. Although this look may seem effortless, we all know that at times it can be a struggle! So from now on, when I’m just too lazy to do a full on glam routine, I go simple with the clothing, and add last minute accessories and shoes for a pop of color. I call these my not-so-slacker days. Sometimes a girl just wants t0 throw on something she doesn’t have to think about, but still maintain her fashion creditability at the same time!


Let’s start with the basics….


Use a white top to symbolize your blank canvas. If you’re feeling risky try color blocking with another solid color.

Basic bottoms to pair with your top!

Now the good stuff…

Statement necklaces add instant flair!

If you don’t want to go with a statement necklace, choose a great earring or stack some bangles!

Choose a shoe, and bag that adds a pop of color to finish off this piece of art!

One of my favorite bloggers Leandra Medine shows us exactly how it’s done. Plain white tee, stunning accessories, and still looking very fashion forward.


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