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5 Oct
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Fashion Trends

What's Trending for Fall 2018 Fashion

Okay ladies, my fashionista friends! Summer is still hot and heavy, but fall is following the shadows of the sun and we will quickly be hoping for warmth as the fall frost moves in. We've been frantically taking notes following fashion shows in hopes that you hear it here first for what's in store in the coming months of fashion. Prepare for a season of glam with a classy, conservative edge and style with flare, finesse and yep, fedoras. Look for a lot of texture and darker colors, such as; black, gray, tan tones and purple with a hint of earthy pastels to add a little spice to your evening attire. Get ready to clear out your closets, at least until next year, and hit the racks!


This is what is trending for fall:

First things first, buttons and belts are BIG! A lot of major designers have been resorting to larger buttons and thin to large width belts. I think the buttons are being used to accessorize outfits since the emphasis on large accessories seems to be waning. As for belts, we have great news! If you have been working hard to keep yourself in shape with a beautiful sizzlin' summer physique, then you'll get to flaunt your shape with the trending of belt fashion. In addition to the use of buttons, there is a lot of texture... fuzz, frills and shearling. Again, I think the texture is being used to compensate for the missing accessories... or maybe textures are getting airtime because accessories aren't big (what came first the chicken or the egg... who knows!).




Flats are still in! Phew, I don't know about you, but I dished out a small fortune on shoes this summer, loving the ballet flats, so this is great for me, and my purse- and I'm sure it's fabulous for a few of you too!! There is one addition to the flat fervor for the coming season; bring on the biker boot flats; they are getting flaunted with skirts, dresses and skinny jeans. Pumps are still pouncing the catwalks… but is that really surprising, since pumps are always fashionable! So we'll get to reuse these fashion favorites for the fall and they are versatile, going with skirts, skinny's and dresses.




Skinny jeans are still seeing a lot of action- but for the coming months there is an emphasis on checks, floral, exotic and dots. This is great for those of us that are vertically challenged, since skinny's help give us a little vertical lift... and does it really matter that it’s only an optical illusion?!


Blouses & Tops

There has been an emphasis on lighter shades of earthy tans for tops with darker tan and gray coloring for coats, blazers and collar jackets to add contrast. Also look for shearling cuffs and collars. A lot of designers have been showing off shearling to accentuate, and almost accessorize, coats and blazers. They've also added shearling to hand bags to pull the outfits together and make them complete with accessories.


Tommy Hilfiger

Two final notes

Fedoras are definitely a craze on the catwalk. They are a great way to add a little pizazz to your outfit and give it a mysterious, sleek, or even playful look. And don't be afraid to add some contrast; it's definitely okay to go dark with a light band- or light with a dark band. Contrast is a great way to make any outfit standout, and since we are seeing a lot of darker shades, contrast helps to liven things up a bit.


Fashion Trends pic I thought was really cool
Peter Duhon Creative Commons

Fashion Trends - Fashion Focus


The great thing about fashion is that it always changes, and for those of us that get bored easily it keeps us on our toes- especially if we're focusing on the details. This is particularly important when following high-end fashion. For the casual on-looker a dress is just a dress and the hair and makeup are just for entertainment, but if you dig deeper, there is so much going on; the fabrics, the texture, the colors, patterns, hair, make-up, shoes, accessories- and that's just what the models are wearing, overlooking the work that goes into the details of the catwalk and the ambiance of the surroundings.


Every year, high-end retailers compete to outdo one another and to stand out as THE retailer with the must have of fashion trends. They bring out the trends, and if it sticks, others follow; smaller outlets and retailers follow suit. So far 2012 trends are doing a spinoff of 2011 and we are making a transition from 70's wow to 80's WOAH! It is definitely going to be another eclectic year with poignant designs and standout colors, and accessories that wear us in some cases. As a side note, I really hope they don't bring back mullets!!! HA- Hey, I can have fun with this, right?


Some things to look for in 2012 fashion trends are color blocking, peplums and pastels. If you aren't familiar with color blocking, it is wearing bright colors together. For example, you might wear a crimson red (where are my Alabama fans!) dress with a purple shawl. A few designers, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Donna Karan have added color blocking to their collections in recent fashion shows. Peplums have made their way to the stage as well. Peplums are a dress or skirt that has ruffles attached at the waistline; Peplum blouses are also being featured by a lot of designers. And they aren't restricted to solid colors, I've seen polka dots, florals, and even paisley.


Emilio Pucci's Spring 2012 Collection used Paisley for Gypsy Flair

Finally, pastels, pastels, pastels. They are a huge trend this year on the runway. Light blues, pinks, yellows and sorbet colors have been prominent with a particular emphasis on accessories- nail polish, hand bags and shoes. There are quite a few retailers that are preparing for this trend and filling their racks with natural pastel colors.





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