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22 Aug
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Fashion Accessories 2018

I admit I never thought I'd see neon make a comeback, but not only did it find its way back onto the racks, neon orange seems to be THE color of choice- I guess if we're going to make a statement, let's be loud and, well really loud! Setting aside the neon's, which hasn't made its way to handbags (yet?) the other really popular colors this summer are pastels- especially tangerine and mint green. What makes pastels so great is their soft, natural tones mix and match really well, so if you are on a budget this can really be helpful.


Okay, I get sidetracked really easily, so let me get back on topic and keep in mind that colors are important to this year's trends (but aren't they always?!). So, accessories-


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Pearls are back. They are a timeless accessory, but make sure if you are going to splurge that you feel comfy with what you are buying and that you will wear them for more than this summer. Natural/pastel tones are the color of choice and they can pretty much be a part of your necklace, bracelet, earrings or whatever accessory you choose… They are in this summer.


In addition to your accessorizing, be bold. If you are wearing beads, whether it's a necklace, bangle or cocktail ring it needs to be big, bold and shapely. Moving on to handbags, bright and colorful is trendy this summer. Whether it is a bold red or orange, exotic skins and floral designs are what seem to be on the catwalk (while I do admit I am not crazy about the floral designs!). I think the key to floral patterns are in wearing them as scarves and headbands to accessorize and accentuate the rest of your outfit. A final note on handbags; there are a few out there that are suggesting lace is in, but I haven't seen it a whole lot of lace.


And a final note, shoes! Slip-on flats are in and there is an eclectic variety to suite just about every personality (and if you have multiple personalities, you can have a pair for each!). Paisley, pastels, bright, and bold shapes are a few fashionable flats that are in and can be purchased. Del Toro shoes has a wide variety of flats to choose.


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