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A beautiful pic Elise
Great Accessorizing
Love this pic
A little Variety, and Humor! Beautiful Accessory Layout!


Loving this outfit!

Fashion Blog Info:

Name: Elise

Site: W-T-Fab.com

WTFAb is a beautiful and personal blog! She's a self proclaimed jewelery and shoe hoarder, bar method enthusiast and Lululemon addict; how can you resist a shoe hoarder... humm,humm- I think I identify! One of the things that make her blog stand out is her ability to put together beautiful outfits with amazing accessorizing! Some women just have a knack for adding just the right touch to their accessories, and Elise was blessed with the ability. If you like to accentuate your outfits and accessories with a little nail polish, she offers some great visual ideas. It's important to add that she IS on top of what is trending and she features fashioncentric appeal. And if you are a beach lover, she offers quite a few fashion pictorials on the beach... Okay, I have beach envy!

Another great aspect about her blog is that it's not ALLLL beauty, well it is, but there is more to WTFab than just fashion. She also offers great articles on DIY tips, some recipes (with real pictorials as she creates her kitchen masterpieces!), and she sprinkles a lot of whit and humour throughout her blog; lots of little giggles as I read through her blog posts- adds fun and character to her blog... which makes her blog a little more personal and lets you into her life and that helps to connect with her.

All of the photos are excerpts from her blog. These are just a few that stood out to me, and I felt they really emphasize her GREAT fashion blog.





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