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We Inspire Us

A beautiful pic of Camilla- Fall is coming and browns, belts and buttons are IN
I love this outfit
Casual and Classy
A little Edge with STYLE
Shearling is IN this fall Eloquence & Class
Professional & a floral fav!


Love this Pic- Just seems so fun!
Love this Outfit- Mint Skinny's!

Fashion Blog Info:

Name: Camilla

Site: WeInspire.Us

WeInspire.Us is such a beautiful blog (and I LOVE the name). If Camilla isn't a full-time fashion model, she definitely could be! And she offers truly fabulous pictorials with such a variety of fashion styles that there is something for every woman that visits her blog. To be honest, if you follow fashion you will find her blog to be contagious... in a great way, of course! She offers a charisma, beauty, and eloquence that attracts, and almost demands your attention, and well, it is inspirational. One thing in particular that I really like about her pictorials is that she offers just 1 photo for each outfit and for some reason it creates an insatiable desire to see more. Maybe it's that she is so beautiful, maybe it's her great sense of fashion... what ever it is, you will definitely want to bookmark her blog!

Another great attribute about WeInspire.Us is that Camilla provides her fashion followers with classy outfits that will make every woman feel sexy and beautiful, and the outfits are within reach. To elaborate, some fashionista's present great outfits, but they aren't relatable or for the everyday woman that want's to be trendy; Camilla IS for the everyday woman. She offers a lot of color and vibrance with great accessorizing. Some women have the ability to accessorize with perfection, accentuating their outfit with glam in just the right way that everything seems to add flare and "pop"... and Camilla has been gifted with this ability.

I have to say it was REALLY hard to pick photos for this feature; just about every photo in her blog is as beautiful as the next. With this said, all of the photos on the left are excerpts from her blog and these are just a few that really stood out to me for their sense of fashion and their emphasis on this GREAT fashion blog.





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