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The Style Manifest

A beautiful pic of Aphrodite
Great Photo of Steve
Mens Fashion
Aphrodite Fashion
Fun Pic! Pumps with Flare!
Fashion for Men featuring Steve


Aphrodite - Love this Pic!
Wang - Love this Outfit


Fashion Blog Info:

Name: Aphrodite & Steve


THESTYLEMANIFEST THESTYLEMANIFEST is a GREAT fashion blog. As soon as the page loads you know you are viewing a fashion blog that takes fashion serious and they put A LOT of work into making their blog stand out; it is a cut above the rest! They even put thought into their name and made sure that their content is conducive to the name! Not only do they offer great content and pictorials, but they utilize all available space on their page, making sure even the background offers an assortment of really fashionable photos...lots of great visual stimulation!

Getting to their content, not only do they offer a unique variety of serious fashion, they go beyond fashion just for women and provide fashion for men as well. This makes their blog really well rounded, and a unique offering all in itself. Another aspect that really draws attention is their broad selection of brands and styles- each post offers a specific brand and it's own category, which allows you to focus on what is being offered rather than being overwhelmed with 12 brands in one stream of entries. Additionally, THESTYLEMANIFEST provides a multi-perspective on fashion that isn't centered on one individual; they cater to the broad taste that different visitors may be looking for when searching for what's trendy or in style.

All of the photos on the left are excerpts from their blog. These are just a few that stood out to me, and I felt they really emphasize this GREAT fashion blog.





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