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Green Inspiration

Mari Love Gr33n Beautiful! Great Choice Mari! Beautiful Architecture This is SO TRUE

Fashion Blog Info:

Name: MariLoveGr33n

Site: I Love Green Inspiration


We really enjoy Mari's blog. It is so full of energy, style, life, and passion. Her posts are an eclectic sequence of personal pictures, places, favorite outfits (which are VERY stylish) and unique pics that truly fit the flow of the blog. The photos are unique, creative, crafty and poignant (in a good way). We especially like that she ads culture to her blog by showing off her travels and the beautiful places she has been.

All of the photos on the left (except for the second one, it just seemed to fit so perfectly that we had to add it) are excerpts from her blog. When I saw the chalkboard one it just struck and inspired and, well, it says everything.





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