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Haute Frugalista

A beautiful pic Great accessories! I love this shirt!
Class. Eloquente. Miami Beach Week


Great Accessorizing! :)
Poko Pano

Fashion Blog Info:

Name: Dee

Site: HauteFrugalista.com


HauteFrugalista is FULL of energy and passion for fashion!! From the top of the page... to the bottom, Dee offers great, trendy and fashion forward blog posts. Not only does she convey fashionality (see **Note!), but she offers insight into her exciting life following fashion shows and events. HauteFrugalista provides a perspective that is natural and truly pure- you essentially get a back stage pass for a behind the scenes preview, which goes above and beyond your typical fashion blog. This is definitely an attribute that makes her blog stand out and puts it at the top of our list! And, you get the feeling she is as friendly as she is fashion... you can tell she is down to earth.

Dee's style is very classy, but it's not over the top...it's eloquente, but within reach- which is great for those of us that love to be the fashion we follow. As her name implies, for the frugal minded fashionista, she offers where to buy great outfits and accessories that ARE glam, with an affordable price tag. She also has quite a few whitty tag lines, which add to the humour and fun of her blog and one of my favorites is- "it's a matter of class, not cash" -


Definition of Fashionality: A beautiful display of fashion and personality... Fashionality!

All of the photos on the left are excerpts from her blog. These are just a few that stood out to me, and I felt they really emphasize the energy of her blog.





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