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Fashion Student

A beautiful pic
I love this dress!
This is my FAVORITE! The Dress, Accessories- Everything is perfect.
Cute Accessories This is a fun picture!
Love the outfit, AND the shoes!


LOVE these shoes!
Just Beautiful.

Fashion Blog Info:

Name: Carina

Site: TheFashionStudent.com


TheFashionStudent is fashionably chic, cute and conservatively edgy (not sure how she does it, but she does it REALLY well!). A few great features of her blog are the sense of humility you get from personal posts, her up to date and fashionable choice of clothing and accessories, and she is beautiful! Her blog offers her personalized touch on fashion while she is out and about in New York City- And who doesn't love NYC?!

She has some really great photos (her photographer definitely does a great job of capturing the moment) and I do really love how she accessorizes (I think that is where she adds her edgy appeal). Accessories are definitely an important feature of fashion this summer and she definitely knows how to pull an outfit together and make it standout with some zest! And I don't want to overlook one more great feature of her fashionality (I think we just created a new word! See note below)- she has great taste and exhibits gorgeous shoes!


Definition of Fashionality: A beautiful display of fashion and personality... Fashionality!

All of the photos on the left are excerpts from her blog. These are just a few that stood out to me, and I felt they really emphasize her beautiful blog.

TheFashionStudent is DEFINITELY a blog to follow! To view her blog, visit:





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