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style manifest
6 Nov

Style Manifest

THESTYLEMANIFEST is a GREAT fashion blog. As soon as the page loads you know you are viewing a fashion blog that takes fashion serious and they put A LOT of work into making their blog stand out; it is...

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we inspire us
6 Nov


WeInspire.Us is such a beautiful blog (and I LOVE the name). If Camilla isn't a full-time fashion model, she definitely could be! And she offers truly fabulous pictorials with such a variety of fashion styles that there...

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1 Nov


WTFAb is a beautiful and personal blog! She's a self proclaimed jewelery and shoe hoarder, bar method enthusiast and Lululemon addict; how can you resist a shoe hoarder... humm,humm- I think I identify! One of the...

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haute frugalista
6 Nov

Haute Frugalista

HauteFrugalista is FULL of energy and passion for fashion!! From the top of the page... to the bottom, Dee offers great, trendy and fashion...

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green inspiration fashion
3 Nov

Green Inspiration

We really enjoy Mari's blog. It is so full of energy, style, life, and passion. Her posts are an eclectic sequence of personal pictures, places, favorite outfits (which are VERY stylish) and unique pics that...

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glitz girlz
6 Nov

Glitz Girlz Glamour

GlitzGirlzGlamourGuide is ABSOLUTELY beautiful and is consistent with the name! Glitz Girlz has a great blog and it is easy to navigate to find the specific...

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kukkuk fashion
3 Nov


Kukkuk is a fascinating blog. Her blog is very sharp, with an edgy perspective on fashion- and I love it! Kukkuk places an emphasis on her travels, with photos that really capture the urban environment (and there are some...

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fashion student
6 Nov


TheFashionStudent is fashionably chic, cute and conservatively edgy (not sure how she does it, but she does it REALLY well!). A few great features of her blog...

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fashion illustration
6 Nov


Annika Fashion Illustration is a creative and unique look at fashion from the eyes of an artist. Annika portrays fashion from her very creative...

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22 Oct

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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